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TD Summer Reading FAQ

Q. Is there a deadline for placing orders?
A. Yes, the web site will be open to place orders from March 1st to March 31st.

Q. What if I need to place an additional or repeat order after the deadline?
A. Please contact us at

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?
A. We accept credit cards, Visa & MasterCard, as well as cheques. Cheques should be made payable to Hannah Promotions Inc. and received at the following address by June 1st.
Hannah Promotions Inc.
4200 Trans-Canada Highway
Pointe-Claire, QC
H9R 1B6

Q. When will my credit card be charged?
A. A pre-authorization will be taken on your credit card upon placement of your order. Charges will only be applied to your credit card, upon shipment of your order.

Q. How will my product ship?
A. Orders will be shipped by Canada Post, if a “ship to” contact email address was provided on the order, an email notification of your order being shipped with tracking information, will be sent to that address.

Q. How much will shipping cost?
A. There will be a flat fee charged for shipping and handling. A fee of $ 20.00 is applicable on orders with a total dollar value, excluding the shipping and handling fee, of up to $ 100.00, and $ 10.00 on orders over $ 100.00


Q. When can I expect my order to ship?
A. Orders will commence shipping June 5th. We expect to have all orders shipped by June 15th. Should you not receive your order by June 30th, please contact Please note. orders will only be shipped following receipt of payment.

Q. What do I do if there is an issue with my order?
A. Please email for any issues or concerns with your order.